McCain Explores the Campaign Trail in Arizona
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This is certainly a fine time to be an Arizona voter. First there is the pride in the state’s leadership in dealing with a vexing problem that elites want left as is, namely the open borders that provide a dependable glut of exploitable alien labor.

In addition, voters can enjoy the entertaining gyrations of candidate John McCain, who is hopping around like a bug on a hot skillet, at least as far as his position on immigration anarchy goes.

He’s now against it, in case you hadn’t heard. Yep, border enforcement and the safety of citizens (particularly voting constituents!) are his new favorite things. And he hopes voters will forget his energetic pursuit of amnesty for millions of lawbreaking foreigners against the will of the American people.

How the mighty have fallen. The Presidential candidate of 2008 is now in danger of losing in the Republican primary to a real friend of borders and sovereignty, JD Hayworth. So Senator McCain now goes hat in hand to convince voters that he isn’t running a con job on them with his election year conversion.

Immigration dominates McCain town hall, Arizona Daily Star, April 24, 2010

Several in the crowd said they support the new law and expressed frustration about the lack of enforcement.

Bob Foy, a 68-year-old retired lieutenant in the Los Angeles sheriff’s department, said holes in border enforcement are allowing the free flow of narcotics and weapons into the country. ”We’re in such imminent danger that we don’t have another 100 years to get this straight,” he said. The new law, while ”not the perfect answer, is an answer,” he said.

One woman said she lives near the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, which is being ”trashed” by border crossers. Another said her daughter’s boyfriend is an illegal immigrant who has been in prison three times and keeps coming back.

One man chimed in that he was concerned about the mood, saying he was getting a vibe of animosity toward Mexican people in general.

McCain responded, ”I am worried about anti-Hispanic feeling in this country and I am concerned about condemning good, honest citizens of Hispanic origin because of this (immigration) problem.” He noted Tucson was a Spanish-speaking city before it was English and he cherished the Latino heritage.

Oops, some backsliding there at the end. He can’t help burping out the kumbaya diversity stuff from time to time. It would be nice if McCain cherished the American heritage and sovereignty, but he’s apparently imbibed the globalist Kool-aid so popular in the Beltway.

McCain’s flip-floppery is so blatant that even CNN has noticed.

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