Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Says GOP To Reach Out To Hispanics
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Greg Abbott, having won 91.5 % of the vote in the Texas Republican primary, is now the Republican candidate for governor.   According to the candidate, the GOP is really going after the Hispanic vote:

Abbott said the Texas GOP  would reach out to Hispanics like never before this election year.

At the same time, Abbott says he's for small government. How's he going to square the circle on that one?    Besides, Team Abbott has already made some unPC remarks.

But top Republicans have already been on the defensive: Democrats slammed Abbott's reference to "Third World countries" while describing a rash of corruption cases in the Rio Grande Valley, and Sen. Dan Patrick, who's in a runoff for lieutenant governor, has decried an "invasion" of immigrants coming across the Texas border.
Abbott's goal: Break Bush record for Hispanic vote  Paul J. Weber, Houston Chronicle, March 6, 2014

Abbott has also been working the fact that he has a Latino wife into the conversation, and is apparently not too subtle about it.  Democrat Carol Morgan writes that

If I hear Abbott use "my Latina wife" one more time, I'm going to scream. He may not being using her as a prop, but he's certainly pandering to the Hispanic vote by his repetition of the phrase "my Latina wife". Remarkably, Mr. Abbott is the one dragging his wife into the campaign, no one else...Make no mistake, Abbott World enjoys confusing voters and it must be baffling when he and his party employ phrases like "Mexican invasion", militarizing the border, or South Texas is a "third world country" and then fully expect Hispanic support by using the repetitive mantra of "my Latina wife", lulling them into a Texas-style political siesta. Read between the lines...those actions say a lot about his regard for the Hispanic vote.
Greg Abbott's Latina Wife Distraction Versus A Game of Twenty Questions  Carol Morgan, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, March 3, 2014

Abbott's goal is  "to break the record for Hispanic support by a Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate, widely considered to have been set by George W. Bush in 1998."   Well, Texas Hispanics tend to be more conservative than California Hispanics, but it's still a tall order.

So how about dropping the pandering and appeal to all voters as Texans?   How about trying that? 

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