Texas Government Plan For Massive Mexican Invasion: Immediate Surrender
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The good news is that Austin is thinking about what to do if Mexico goes kablooey. The bad news is a posture of submission to invasion rather than border control.

[Texas Homeland Security Director Steve] McCraw, a Perry appointee, was unavailable to comment for this story, but Cesinger said the plan was in early stages. It now deals with only law enforcement concerns, she said, and not any potential crush of humanitarian needs the state might face if thousands of refugees flood across the border. "That might be something that comes into consideration as it's developed," Cesinger said.

Destabilization in Mexico might be only a remote possibility, but lawmakers said preparing for any potential disaster is prudent.

State Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, said Texas should plan to deal with not only security concerns but also basic needs refugees would have for housing, health care and food. [Texas crafts plan for Mexico collapse, El Paso TimesFebruary 11, 2009]

Meeting millions of Mexican escapees with picnic baskets is a PLAN? How about reinforcing the fence and sending them back home? The proper response would be border enforcement, not welcome.

Washington has NEVER sent a group of refugees or Temporary Protected Status foreigners home. A Mexico meltdown would be just another illegal immigration portal.

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