Texas: Catholic Church Hands Out Fake IDs to Illegal Aliens
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It’s bad enough that the anti-borders Catholic church is distributing their own homemade identification cards to foreign job thieves; what’s worse is that Texas law enforcement is accepting them. It’s a terrible precedent; why wouldn’t school systems, sports teams or businesses issue their own IDs?

Here’s an example of the fake ID:


The cassock brigade apparently likes the card format for its disruption of American immigration law: in 2010, it helped the Mexican government hand out matricula cards to illegals in Ohio — a move that some concerned parishioners found objectionable.

Unfortunately, the Catholic church hierarchy has long had delusions of sovereignty where it thinks it has some sort of governmental authority — and a globalist socialist one at that.

As priest Michael Seifert remarked in the Brownsville Herald a few years back, “Any family in economic need has a right to immigrate, that’s our posture, if a family is hungry and the family needs work, then society should provide a way for people to do that.”

Rather than peddling its evil open-borders agenda, the Vaticrats still have plenty of in-house corruption to fix. For example, a Google news search (which covers 30 days) for CATHOLIC CHURCH SEX ABUSE today May 5 brought up 138,000 results. Of course, the church’s lobbying for illegal aliens helps push memories of priest sex crimes out of the public mind.

A Pulse Opinion Research poll taken in March found a great disparity between religious leaders versus their congregations regarding immigration numbers and enforcement. One survey result: 68 percent percent of Catholic likely voters said annual legal immigration should be cut at least as much as would be cut by the leading U.S. House legislation (the “Goodlatte bill”). Only 20 percent of Catholics chose to keep annual immigration at a million or to increase it.

Here’s the latest Catholic affront to law and sovereignty — and Texas sure has changed since I lived there:

North Texas Officers Accepting Church-Issued ID Cards, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, May 4, 2018

Some undocumented immigrants living in North Texas are getting church-issued identification cards through a local partnership.

While they’re not official government-issued documents, some law enforcement agencies will recognize them.

The idea is to give immigrants here illegally the confidence to work with police, and to not be afraid of them. It’s a new campaign, but so far some participants are reporting success using the church-issued IDs during traffic stops.

According to Dallas Area Interfaith, thousands of applicants are waiting for the cards and several hundred have already been handed out.

Dallas, Carrollton and Farmers Branch police departments have agreed to take them in place of a state-issued ID, but only at the discretion of each officer.

DAI says it negotiated that deal last November after the state’s ban on sanctuary cities.

The group got the ball rolling with the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, but other faiths are expected to join the effort soon.


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