Terror In Public Places—Will Open Borders Drive Us All Into Virtual Reality?
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As Belgium endures a major security scare, Randall Parker wonders whether Open Borders will drive us all into virtual reality.
A convenient starter list of activities we will need to ban in order to enable Open Borders.

"BRUSSELS — The authorities in Belgium on Saturday shut down the Brussels subway system, canceled soccer games and advised citizens to avoid public places amid a security lockdown across the Belgian capital." [Brussels Placed at Highest Alert Level; Subway Is Closed by Andrew Higgins and Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, New York Times, November 21st, 2015.]

If people live out in the country, get home delivery rather than go to stores, and generally stay away from crowded places then the risk of terrorist attacks from Open Borders would go down substantially.

Perhaps it would be possible to retain team sports matches, just without audiences in stadiums. We could all watch them remotely. Ditto for rock concerts.

I am thinking virtual reality goggles will become more valuable with Open Borders. You will be able to escape into virtual reality to meet up in dense online communities without risk of getting blown up. Virtual rock concerts. Virtual clubs where virtual guys will pick up virtual girls. We could even have simulated air flights so that you could still have the feeling of air travel to distant exotic lands without the risk of getting our airplane blown out of the air by Islamic jihadists.

Since our elites want Open Borders and seem quite determined to make them happen no matter what our interests are in the matter I think we need to start thinking about a radical reordering of society to enable their insane new world order. [Ban many activities to enable open borders by Randall Parker; ParaPundit, November 21st 2015.]

Personally I have faith that plucky little Belgium will see it through and put the kibosh on the Caliph at last.



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