TED Talker Thinks Discrimination, Racism, And Poverty Were "Designed By People"—Presumably White People!—And Can Be Eliminated By Redesign
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This gloriously dumb comment somehow found its way into my Twitter feed:

TED Talks have long since abandoned the pretense of being non-partisan, smartest-in-the-room, common-good topical explorations. Mostly they push lefty/liberal lines.

The TED parodies floating around social media are hilarious.

For all their cutting-edge smartness, I see zero evidence they come anywhere near mentions of race, genetics, DNA or IQ.

Instead, TED fellow @acarrolldesign (Antionette Carroll), a woke black woman, informs us that poverty is a "system" that was made up by baddies who "made intentional choices around exclusion."

Dumb though the comment is, it pretty much sums up the Establishment's mindset on race. We just need to tinker with the structural design a little, and it'll be all better.

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