Blackman Faces Bigotry From White Leftists At CUNY
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The "Blackman" of my title is law professor Josh Blackman.
Here's the brief version on Twitter:

Here's the longer version: why was Law Professor Josh Blackman facing protests at CUNYagainst a speech that he'd "given before, without any problems, at Southern Illinois, Texas Southern University, the University of Massachusetts, Barry University, the University of Oregon" and at his own university, the South Texas College of Law Houston?
The answer seems to be literal bigotry and prejudice:
Three days before the event, the President of the [Federalist Society] Chapter wrote, “We passed out the flyers today (first day back from spring break) and a large number of students are already up in arms about the event.” The Office of Student Affairs explained that “some enraged students . . . apparently, are planning to protest.” I asked why they were protesting:
The President provided an explanation:

These students saw first, that this is a Federalist Society event; and second, they saw a few of your writings (specifically a National Review article praising Sessions for rescinding DACA and ACA), and instantly assume you’re racist; and third, our event being titled about free speech is reminiscent of events that claim free speech just to invite people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter.

Students at CUNY Law Protested and Heckled My Lecture about Free Speech on Campus, Josh Blackman's Blog, April 12, 2018
This Federalist president sounds like something of a weak sister on Free Speech, and of course Blackman isn't a white nationalist or anything like that—his National Review article on DACA wasn't about white displacement, Mexican invasion, or Minority Occupation Government, it was about the Rule of Law.
Unfortunately for Blackman, in 2018 the Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech are identity politics issues—because blacks, Hispanics, and their white friends hate them, and call them "white supremacy."
You can watch the video below—the protesters are much whiter than American or New York society generally, because you need to pass a test to get into CUNY:

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