Ted Cruz And Immigration: Will He Match His High Watermark?
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Time To Put Up

I appreciate the reasoning for optimism in Washington Watcher’s essay Ted Cruz: Wobbling, But Still Worthwhile for Immigration Patriots. But there is a simpler way of gauging Ted Cruz.

As I noted in late August - Ted Cruz Comes Through: Calls For Reversal Of Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty – Cruz was practically unique amongst GOP candidates in acknowledging that Obama’s despotic immigration actions demanded challenging. I wrote:

Romney with stupid cowardice is hiding from the issue as is the Congressional GOP – implementation started this month without any protest from these heroes.

And Cruz is quite correct too: quite apart from the merits or otherwise of the policy it is brazenly unlawful and should be rejected on those grounds alone

The VDARE.com recommendation: Follow Rush Limbaugh’s example and double up. Put the GOP leadership’s feet to the fire. Take the logical step and call for Obama’s impeachment.

Cruz took a very brave stand.

So where is he on this question now?

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