Tech Totalitarians: Big Tech Expert Epstein Hopes For Change On Censorship
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It was good to see tech investigator Dr. Robert Epstein appear with Tucker Carlson on Friday to do an update on Big Tech. Interestingly, Dr. Epstein had some good news to share along with noting the continued efforts of the ultra-liberal tech industry to silence conservative opinion.

As Dr. Epstein noted about the search engine Google from his research, “It’s frightening to me that this company with very strong political leanings has the power to shift millions of votes and shift opinions on a massive scale without people knowing that they are doing it and without being accountable to the public.”

But while the search shenanigans continue, as Epstein reports, “Google has been extremely good at keeping its secrets for almost 20 years, but in the last few months that has changed, and there have been quite a number of leaks, and we have seen a number of internal discussions there.”

So the Google company’s Stalinesque group-think may be breaking down somewhat under criticism from the public.

In addition, there may be some hope for action against Big Tech’s extreme influence on opinion from abroad. Epstein noted: “The Europeans see these companies as American, and they have been much tougher on them. I think we are going to see some pretty drastic actions taken against these companies by the E.U. in the next few years, and that could change their ability to operate worldwide.”

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