"Tears Rolled Down Her Face When It Was Gently Taken From Her"
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Steve Sailer's blog Beyonce’s Sammy Sosafication quotes a column by UK Professional Muslim writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown[Email her]:
"Not so long ago, I sat in a nursery class in Wandsworth, South London, where a teacher was conducting a test to discover how the children felt about their race.

She asked each youngster to hug the doll in the classroom that looked most like them.

Naomi, a black girl, at once grabbed a blonde, blue-eyed doll and wouldn't let go. Tears rolled down her face when it was gently taken from her."[Why I believe Beyonce is betraying all black and Asian women, February 18, 2011]

I have a question—what the hell is going on here? Why is a an employee of (presumably) publicly funded school doing this to small children?
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