Tancredo Nailing Immigration Patriot Theses To Providence College Gate Tonight
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That bit about nailing theses is a reference to Martin Luther - impossible to resist in this case (see below), although VDARE.COM's Catholic readers provide quite enough criticism of their hierarchy's truckling to the Treason Lobby.

Providence College (contact it), a Catholic school in Rhode Island, has just barred Tom Tancredo from speaking at a Youth For Western Civilization event on the grounds that his views "directly constrast" with the Bishop of Providence, Thomas J. Tobin. Bishop Tobin (contact him) concurs, although claiming he "supports a robust debate of the immigration issue, but hopes that the debate will be productive and respectful, while avoiding inflammatory rhetoric that unfairly stereotypes groups of people and further divides our nation", quack quack.

As Team America, the PAC founded by Tancredo, points out in its scathing press release, Providence College "has allowed virulently pro-choice speakers on campus such as Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, and this past fall the most pro choice member of the US Senate, Senator Shelden Whitehouse of Rhode Island was allowed to speak on campus."

Tancredo instead spoke at the college's gates at 4:30 and will speak at the Euart VFW Post in Pawtucket at 7:00 pm.

The irony of course is that Tancredo is a gentle moderate and the Youth for Western Civilization group advocates what Steve Sailer called in his debate with Jared Taylor a "citizenist" rather than a "white nationalist" position. But as a result of multicultural immigration, it's just a matter of time before cowardly college adminstrators are confronted by groups that explicitly defend white interests - just like every other group.

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