Tancredo Campaign Ad Focuses on Crime Victim
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Marat Kudlis, the father of a toddler killed by a drunk driving illegal alien, is featured in an ad for Tom Tancredo in his campaign to be governor of Colorado:

Three-year-old Marten Kudlis was killed as he sat in an ice cream shop by a crash caused by a vehicle driven at 80 mph by Francis Hernandez, a drunk alien from Guatemala who had been arrested 16 times but never deported. Two women in a pickup, Patricia Guntharp and Deb Serecky, were also killed. The killer was convicted on all counts in February and sentenced in April to only 60 years, far less than the maximum 108 years requested by the prosecutor. The punishment hardly seemed adequate for the deaths of three people.

A local paper had more information about the campaign ad:

Tancredo TV ad targets Hickenlooper for boy’s death, Durango Herald, October 15, 2010

DENVER – Tom Tancredo is running a television ad that blames his Democratic opponent in the governor’s race, John Hickenlooper, for causing the death of a 3-year-old boy.

The ad features Marat Kudlis, whose son, Marten, died in September 2008 when Francis Hernandez crashed into a pickup and sent both vehicles through the wall of an ice cream store, striking Marten. Two women in the pickup, Debra Serecky, 51, and Patricia Guntharp, 49, also died.

Hernandez was an illegal immigrant who had been in the United States most of his life. He had been arrested or contacted by police numerous times before the incident but never deported.

The boy’s father levels an emotional charge against Hickenlooper in the ad.

“I am sending you Marten’s picture, Mr. Mayor. Try to sleep at night knowing your policy contributed to his death,” Kudlis said.

It should also be noted that when Hickenlooper was a restaurant owner, the business hired an illegal alien who later murdered Denver police detective Donnie Young in 2005.

Below, Marten Kudlis, who was killed by a previously arrested drunk driving illegal alien.

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