Arizona Update: Mexican Organized Crime Incursion Increases
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Obama’s script for future amnesty includes lies to the American people about the state of border security. When the administration finally placed a thousand National Guard troops on the border (not enough by a long shot), DHS Secretary Napolitano couldn’t get to a microphone fast enough to demand mass amnesty, the magical prescription for millions of future Democrats, the Obama gang believes.

The latest argument between Washington and Arizona is about whether the invasion of Mexican cartels into American territory is worsening, with foreign gangs sending gunmen to protect their loads on US territory. (See also Mexican assassins headed to Arizona from the Washington Times.)

What’s next, Mexican assassins shooting American law enforcement officers?

Feds to Sheriff Babeu: assassin warning was not valid, WGUN9-TV, October 15, 2010

FLORENCE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) — Should Pinal County residents be concerned about the possibility of drug assassins invading the Vekol Valley? Yes, says Sheriff Paul Babeu. No, says the Department of Homeland Security.

Who’s right?

The public disagreement is the latest strange twist in the ongoing battle over border security in Arizona.

The current spat started with a press release that the sheriff’s office sent out early Friday morning. In the release, Babeu said that in May the Department of Homeland Security informed several law enforcement agencies that assassins could be on their way to Pinal County’s Vekol Valley. According to the sheriff, DHS based its warning on intelligence from a ”proven credible confidential source,” who told them that a cartel had decided to ambush bandits stealing from cartel smugglers in Arizona.

According to the advisory, the source warned that members of the Guzman cartel, meeting in Rocky Point, Mexico, had formed a two-step plan to lure the bandits into an ambush. Step one called for sending fifteen armed operatives wearing bullet-proof vests into the Vekol Valley. Those operatives would go in on foot, taking four days to get into position.

Once those assassins were in place, according to Babeu, the plan called for cartel members in Rocky Point to send ”groups of simulated backpackers carrying empty boxes covered with burlap” into the valley to draw out the bandits. ”Once the bandits have been identified, the (operatives) will take out the bandits,” the release said.

Because the advisory was deemed to be a sensitive law enforcement matter, Babeu’s office sat on it. But Babeu said he decided to make the warning public after a news agency contacted him on Wednesday, saying it had confirmed the information in the DHS e-mail.

In an interview with KGUN9’s Jessica Chapin on Friday, Babeu predicted that since he is now talking about the advisory, DHS would probably repudiate the memo. ”These are the people who have put this out, and have said it,” Babeu said. ”Now watch. They’ll probably back off from it.”

Sheriff Babeu presents a sobering update on worsening border anarchy in southern Arizona in the video below. He is still pleading with Washington for more assistance in border enforcement, and the feds’ response has been to post signs describing the danger.

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