Taking Allies Where You Can Find Them
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I post the following link with some trepidation, and yield to the judgment of the VDARE.com editors as to whether it should be posted at all on a family website, but in a brief diversion from much . . .  inappropriate material, the proprietor of Chateau Heartiste hits one out of the CPAC park:

Look, fudgePACers, you can yap all day about dropping social issues and appealing to Hispanics' "natural conservatism," but the unavoidable fact is that you either stood by or abetted the traitors as the doors to the country were swung wide open to permanent demographic replacement. No matter how far you bend over, you will never outcompete the leftoids on the appeal of their leftoid message to two giant underclasses and one giant hypocritical status whoring gated community class. So you may as well begin the process of carving out a new party and starting from scratch.

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