"Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic"
September 22, 2015, 03:46 PM
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blackpantherFrom the New York Times today:
Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel


Ta-Nehisi Coates can be identified in many ways: as a national correspondent for The Atlantic, as an author and, as of this month, as a nominee for the National Book Award’s nonfiction prize. But Mr. Coates also has a not-so-secret identity, as evidenced by some of his Atlantic blog posts and his Twitter feed: Marvel Comics superfan.

So it seems only natural that Marvel has asked Mr. Coates to take on a new Black Panther series set to begin next spring. Writing for that comics publisher is a childhood dream that, despite the seeming incongruity, came about thanks to his day job. “The Atlantic is a pretty diverse place in terms of interest, but there are no comics nerds,” besides himself, Mr. Coates said in an interview.

Like I’ve been saying, TNC’s cognitive strengths run less to Ockham’s Razor and more to Arkham’s Rubber Room.

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