Ta-Nehisi Coates Celebrates The Second Obama Inaugural By Denouncing How The Man Is Holding Black Folks Down
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At The Atlantic, the day after the second inaugural of a black President, Ta-Nehisi Coates explains how The Man keeps down the Black Middle Class:
The American Case Against a Black Middle Class 
... Black people have been repeatedly been victimized by the half-assed social contract. It goes back, at least, to Reconstruction.  
5) The half-assed social contract continues to this very day with policies under the present administration, like the bail-out of banks that left the homeowners whom the banks conned underwater. The results of the housing crisis for black people have been devastating. The response is to hector these people about playing video games and watching too much television. Or to tell them they've have "an achievement gap." It is sickening, dishonest, and morally repugnant. 
6) America does not really want a black middle class.

My impression is that what America really wants is a black upper class, full of decorative and symbolic figures to worship from afar: Barack and Michelle, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Chris Brown and Rihanna, etc.

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