Swedish Police Covered Up Immigrant Sex Crimes
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On Drudge I saw a headline saying

Swedish Police Under Investigation for Cover Up...

That's from Bloomberg News:
Swedish police have come under criticism for keeping quiet about alleged sexual assault incidents by young immigrant men over the past couple of years at a music festival in Stockholm.

The allegations came to light in a report over the weekend by newspaper Dagens Nyheter, citing internal police memos, and mirror similar incidents over the New Year’s holidays that have sparked investigations in Germany.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson vowed to investigate whether there had been a cover up.

“If what’s alleged is true, it’s serious from several vantage points,” he said in an interview with newspaper Expressen. “We could perhaps have prevented that girls had been molested if we had talked clearly about this. Secondly, it’s obviously not our role to take various political aspects into account.”
It's very much not the role of the police to cover up immigrant crime in the hopes of keeping anti-immigrant parties out of power, but apparently there are some on the Swedish police who feel differently.

Here's Instapundit on the non-reporting issue:

SWEDISH POLICE COVERED UP SEXUAL-ASSAULT REPORTS TO SUPPRESS VOTE FOR ANTI-IMMIGRATION PARTY: “Some times we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.”
He's linking to Radio Sweden: Public kept in the dark about sexual harassment at youth festival, January 11, 2016.
  Gangs of boys and young men have harassed girls at a youth festival in Stockholm for two years in a row, and police dealt with the matter, but stated in external communication that the festival had gone smoothly. Now, the police are self-critical about not communicating what really went on, and the Prime Minister has called what happened a double let-down for young women.
The Prime Minister is right, and of course, the Prime Minister is not himself a Sweden Democrat—the Sweden Democrats have been kept out of power by people like these police covering up crimes that might play "into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.”

More Instapundit:

Plus: “These cases are very particular. There are groups of guys who are deliberately focusing on surrounding and molesting girls. At first we were completely shocked by their actions.”

Related: “EU police authorities usually treat data on migration & crime as state secrets.”

For example: “In Cologne alone, more than 11,000 people have been robbed in this way in the last three years. According to police, all of the perpetrators have been male and in the majority of cases, they have come from North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria.”

In The Long Silence—The Cologne Sex Attacks And The German Media, VDARE.com writer Friedrich Zauner pointed out that in Germany's media culture
The German “Press Council”, instituted in 1956 to head off government regulation by voluntary self-regulation, allows in its Code of Conduct the mention a criminal’s affiliation with an ethnic, religious or another minority only if the crime is directly related to that affiliation. [Guideline 12. 1 Reports On Crimes]
Here's the text, in English, of the German media code on what we call "not reporting race":
Guideline 12.1 - Reports on Crimes
When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect's religious, ethnic or other minority membership unless this information can be justified as being relevant to the readers' understanding of the incident.

In particular, it must be borne in mind that such references could stir up prejudices against minorities.

But they wouldn't be "prejudices"—they'd be conclusions about public policy, which is what a free press is supposed to help the public come to, by reporting the facts "without fear or favor."

But when it comes to minorities, today's MSM seems to feature nothing but fear or favor.

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