Susan Rice's Children And The Future Of Affirmative Action
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Commenter Noggin writes about UN ambassador and potential Secretary of State Rice (Susan, not Condi) and her quite white-looking children:

You know, sad to say it, but these kids are the guys making out like bandits from AA. They're probably around 7/8ths white, so the drop in IQ from their African ancestry is likely minimal to none, and they obviously will grow up in a well-to-do neighborhood/school so they have every advantage, but they get to check off black on their college admissions entrance, on every job application, scholarship, etc for their whole life, so get all the perks from that. That's the near-future of the US. And how AA will eventually die.

I often see commentary, including from white liberals, saying that racial preferences are on their way out, that affirmative action is obviously doomed, etc. After all, isn't it ridiculous that the Secretary of State's relatives get affirmative action? How many people in the world are more powerful than the Secretary of State? (Besides the President, of course.) So, obviously, real soon now somebody or other is going to take this privilege away from the Secretary of State's relatives. 

Well, sure ... but I have to think that there's an alternative way to look at it. Are you, personally, going to volunteer to peeve the Secretary of State by harming her children's prospects? How did annoying Susan Rice work out for Col. Qaphoffee? She's got drones, man!

Think of it from the point of view of a college admissions office or an HR Department. They have rules and guidelines about who they can take, but they also know perfectly well that even if Susan Rice's kids are lazy nimrods, they still want them because they are plugged into the highest levels of the Global Power Elite. They're connected. Affirmative action gives admissions offices and HR departments an excuse to favor Susan Rice's children — in the name of Diversity and Fighting Racism — over the children of random unconnected losers.

Lots of people assume that just because it's absurd and unfair for Susan Rice's children to get special racial privileges, somebody will organize to take those privileges away. But, the more power quasi-non-whites like Susan Rice get, the harder it will be to take their racial privileges away from them and their descendants unto the seventh generation.

Such is the way of the world.

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