Surveillance or Megaphone: Which is more important? The Case Of Morris Dees
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Morris Dees wants you

All this talk about surveillance reminds me that ordinary already can know a lot about the rich and famous, but what matters is less what’s known than the socially approved attitude we’re supposed to hold toward that person.

For example, there’s been plenty of information online for over a decade documenting that Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center is a pretty hilariously rotten guy. The more I read about good old Morris, the more I'm reminded of Gene Hackman hamming it up as sleazy Lex Luthor in the original Superman movies. 

But, who cares about the facts? Morris is widely believed to be a saint and a scholar because we are constantly told what a great guy he is. This member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame has no sense of shame, so all the revelations about him can't pry his fingers from the megaphone.

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