SunTV's JihadWatch: All the News about Hostile Muslims That Can Fit in Several Minutes
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Unlike Fox News (which is often Argument TV), the Canadian conservative network has expert guests who increase the viewers’ knowledge. Semi-regular interviewee Robert Spencer recently reviewed the latest happenings in the unfriendly Muslim world, news one doesn’t normally see on the pro-diversity liberal networks.

In Edmonton, Alberta, a sheik harangued Egyptian Coptic Christians, saying, “If you don’t turn the other cheek, the fire will burn you.” In other words, surrender to Islam or else, which is how the entire Middle East was transformed from mostly Christian to nearly completely Muslim over centuries. The Copts are suffering increased violence from sharia types who are angry at the Christians for their opposition to Morsi’s government. But no Canadian authorities seem concerned that such explosive rhetoric is occurring in moderate mosques.

The Muslim polygamy problem came up for discussion, since Canada has asked Muslim immigrants pretty please to bring only one wife. But there will be little enforcement to check on whether the hubbies re-marry the various wives, which Muslim men seem to do frequently anyway. So two standards of legality will likely develop, where multi-wifing will be a crime for traditional western people, but not so much for Muslims. Anyone who complains is a hateful Islamophobe who hates diversity.

Elsewhere, in Pakistan a church was bombed and it has been reported that commercially valuable organs were harvested from the victims.

Finally, the new American Secretary of State, John Kerry, plans to distribute US tax dollars to Muslims so they won’t become terrorists — another misunderstanding of Islamic motivation. Kerry thinks that Muslims want to kill us only because they don’t have jobs, while he disregards the spreading ideology of Islam. In fact, many jihadists are economically well off, like the recently sentenced accountant and sharia supporter, Sabirhan Hasanoff.

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