Sun Tzu And The Art Of Amnesty
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51mqPxF6SnL[1]In his classic The Art of War, ancient Chinese martial sage Sun Tzu said that
... to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. (The Art of War, Attack by Stratagem)
The Obama Administration, with the support of the Mainstream Media, controls the upper ground. Despite the fact that his party just lost a congressional election, Obama feels supremely confident that he can pass this unilateral amnesty with no significant consequences. Obama may well be right, if the Republicans do not resist him. Really, considering that the the head of the opposition in the House is John Boehner, how much confidence can you have?

After all, look what Obama has already done in permitting, even encouraging and rewarding, illegal immigration. Where was the resistance?

Of course, there is opposition among the grassroots, and among a few in Congress. Senator Jeff Sessions has repeatedly spoken out.

But the national leadership of the GOP is worse than useless on this issue. The national leadership is part of the problem.

Why? Do they fail to understand what demographics is doing to the GOP? Have they been paid off by Sheldon Adelson and other wealthy cheap labor profiteers? Have they been cowed into submission by multiculturalist propaganda? Do they look down on the historic American nation? Probably all these factors and others are at play, to varying degrees among various leaders. But the result is a party that won't fight.

It reminds me of a blog post by the late Lawrence Auster, written a month before his death in 2013. Auster's characteristic subtle title for the post was "Maggots In The Sun Pretending To Be A Political Party". Referring to a pro-amnesty article by Michael Reagan, Auster wrote that

His [Michael Reagan's] article is not the result of a thinking process or even a cowardly political calculation: it is deliquescence; it is dead organic material rotting and turning to liquid in the sun. That’s all that’s left of the Republican Party, or at least of the Republican Party establishment. They now replicate Britain’s Conservative Party as it has been since David Cameron took it over six years ago.
I hope the Republicans prove me wrong. But a truly patriotic party would never have never let it go this far.
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