Summer Jobs On Cape Cod—Who ISN'T Getting Them
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A reader writes, regarding my previous item on Cape Cod and immigration:

Guys, the demagoguery is even worse this year. I read in the Boston Globe that the Cape business owners are complaining that they can't get the foreign help at nearly the number they need, while the Boston politicians are bloviating about there being no jobs for the city's teens. Of course, the Cape's foreign workers have historically been of the Irish and Eastern European variety, while most of the city's students are persons of color. The oh-so-precious denizens of the Cape seem to have added a white hood to the Izod polos and whale belts!

Of course, I doubt if Cape Cod's employers are Ku Klux Klan style bigots—they may be the reverse, and feel "uncomfortable" hiring black teenagers for menial jobs. But look at these two Globe stories:

Google Maps tells me that Cape Cod is an hour and a quarter from Boston. Why on Earth would they go to Washington to get permission to get people from Poland and Ireland?.

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