Success in Oklahoma; Disdain from The Columbus Dispatch
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An appalled article in The Columbus Dispatch delivers some positive news for once: Oklahoma’s HB 1804, designed to impede the presence of illegal immigrants in the state, is working.

Estimates indicate that up to 25,000 Latinos have fled Tulsa County, and an unknown number have left the state since Democratic Gov. Brad Henry signed one of the nation's toughest immigration laws in May 2007. (Mississippi enacted a similar law in July.)

Latinos flee Oklahoma; new law hits others, too Sunday, September 7, 2008 1:34 AM By Todd Jones

(Our Allan Wall, who is from Oklahoma, reported as early as March that a 100,000 illegals had left.)

Ohio is apparently considering a similar law, and the hostile journalist leaves no tear duct unmoblilized:

Latino advocates, however, describe a subsequent climate of fear and racism that's as palpable as the relentless wind that sweeps across this heartland state.

He eagerly seizes on unfashionable (if probably correct) thoughts to smear the supporters of HB 1804:

A woman said that immigrants are "having children, children and children. We Caucasians are not. Pretty soon, they're going to outnumber us. That's what they're working on."

But he has to report, of the Bill and its consequences:

"That was the purpose," said state Rep. Randy Terrill, a Republican from Moore, Okla., who wrote the law that took effect Nov. 1. "It's attrition through an enforcement approach to solving illegal immigration…"Other than the threat of terrorism, illegal immigration may be the biggest threat facing this nation," Terrill said. "The future of the republic may depend on it."

And reluctantly acknowledge:

Oklahoma's anti-immigration crackdown has been wildly popular in polls since the legislation sailed through the state's Republican-dominated legislature.

Most of the rest of the article is spent retailing emotional stories about how much the law is frightening/upsetting/inconveniencing local Hispanics.

Of course, if you set about stealing a country by migration, do you really have grounds for complaint if the inhabitants object? And why should yours be more important than the feelings of the native born, seeing their living standards eroded and their neighborhoods turned into Spanish speaking slums?

Ask Todd Jones

Congratulate Randy Terrill, an authentic Patriotic Hero

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