Stock Tip: As Obama Huddles with Sharpton, Invest in World Star Hip Hop
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President Obama is meeting this afternoon with Rev. Sharpton. Among reforms the President is proposing is buying 50,000 videocameras for policemen to wear, and trying to marginally demilitarize police equipment. If you can remember way back to August, that was what the kool kid konservatives were saying was the Real Problem in Ferguson: cops having too much body armor and the like. Even Ross Douthat fell for that one for awhile.

Anyway, as commenter anonymous-antimarxist notes, equipping even more cops with always active videocameras will keep World Star Hip Hop stocked full of hilarious hi-jinx in the ‘hood.

As you’ll recall, one cause of the rage of the privileged class in the prestige press is that in recent years, Americans have been able to increasingly watch on sites like World Star Hip Hop clips of blacks behaving badly. The national media have responded by turning the volume on the Megaphone up to 11: “Do Not Believe Your Lying Eyes! White Privilege! Black Bodies! Intersectionality! Invisible Knapsacks! Microaggressions!”

Here’s an oldie but goodie from Philadelphia made possible by brand new video security cameras on the bus:

[Note: Pay no attention to Sailerian stock tips.]

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