Steve Sailer On WONDER WOMAN
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I finally watched the DC superhero movie Wonder Woman and it was pretty good. The Ancient Greek island of temples and waterfalls was nice. And the idea of using German WWI General Ludendorff as the proto-Nazi bad guy was clever. Ludendorff gave Lenin the idea that War Socialism was a good way to run an economy and marched with Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch, so he’s long interested me as a rather sinister character. I’m not the biggest Danny Huston fan (although he seems to be improving over the decades), but I guess you are supposed to imagine his titanic dad in the Ludendorff role.

The best aspect of the movie was that it was an homage to Ron Howard’s 1984 mermaid comedy Splash, with 5’10″ Gal Gadot filling in for 5’10″ Darryl Hannah as the tall, beautiful girl from a more innocent realm. It’s been a third of a century since Splash, so why not?

The fighting parts weren’t too interesting, but the best scene was the girliest when Wonder Woman goes shopping for the first time, at a rather more luxurious department store than I suspect was actually available in 1918 England.

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