Steve King On DREAMERS/KIDS: What Did Norquist Mean By Calling Iowa "Monochromatic"?
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In an interview with on the Cantor/Boehner attempt to surrender to the Democrats over the DREAM Act KIDS, Representative Steve King got off some good lines:

Rep. Steve King Slams Norquist Over Attacks on Immigration, By Todd Beamon and John Bachman, July 18, 2013

Since this interview, there has been a "bipartisan" kerfuffle about him saying that there were more drug mules than valedictorians among the DREAM Act eligible, and this is true.

The kerfuffle: King’s Immigrant ‘Mule’ Talk Rebuked by Boehner, Cantor By Roxana Tiron, Bloomberg, July 24, 2013

King's response: Steve King: I Meant Every Word of it, Now Here’s More,, July 24, 2013

In addition to the drug mules, I'd add gang members, gang rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers, car thieves...the point is that the DREAMers are Hispanic youths from illegal immigrant families living in barrios.(If you're interested,Matthew Boyle at found at least three stories of illegal juveniles being used as specifically as drug mules.)

All you have to be to be a DREAMer is to have entered under the age of 16, and be under the age of 30 now. A 15-year old is already old enough to be a juvenile delinquent. Hispanic illegals  are rarely valedictorians—many don't even graduate high school.

But here's what King was responding to:

[Grover ] Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, charged in an exclusive Newsmax interview on Wednesday that King, one of immigration reform's strongest House opponents, "could have been a senator if he hadn't self-identified as anti-immigrant. "He's not electable statewide," he said. "The cost of Steve King is that he can be a congressman but never anything else. Never a governor. Never a senator — and other congressmen want to vote for what's good for the country, not just what's good for the politics of their monochromatic districts."

Now what does Norquist means by "their monochromatic districts"? He means that parts of Iowa are still very white and American—and any Republicans who want to do anything to maintain that must be crushed.

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