Roy Beck On Cantor And Boehner's KIDS Bill: If The KIDS Are All Right, Who IS Guilty?
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Victim of negligent parents?

Cantor and Boehner are all about relief for the poor KIDS (their term for DREAMers) who they're planning to give amnesty style relief from deportation and even citizenship. (See The Fulford File| Cantor’s KIDS Act—The “D” Stands For “Donor”.)That's because the KIDS are supposed to be innocent, like the little girl in the highway sign, being dragged through deserts and across highways so her parents  can make more money than they would make legally at home. Roy Beck asks, in effect, if the KIDS are all right, who put them in this position?


I would feel a lot better about the compassion of Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor if they would acknowledge that they are trying to clean up a mess made by:

  • the illegal-alien parents who knowingly violated their visitors visas or illegally crossed the borders and kept their children here long enough for it to be a hardship to go back to their home country,
  • tens of thousands of employers who broke the law and provided jobs to the parents of these young illegal residents,
  • Presidents Bush One, Clinton, Bush Two and Obama who refused to aggressively enforce laws to punish the illegal employers and allowed the illegal-alien parents to hold jobs for years that provided the ability to sink their children's roots into this country and diminish roots with their home country,
  • the 1995-96 Congress that was persuaded by corporate lobbyists to turn down legislation containing the recommendations of the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform that would have prevented most of the illegal immigration that has since brought the "kids" into this country,
  • every Congress since 1996 that has refused to enact a robust and comprehensive E-Verify workplace verification system to keep illegal-alien parents from being able to earn a living to plant their kids long enough for them to forget their home countries.
  • All the religious, business, media, academic and rights organization voices that have fought nearly every enforcement effort the last 20 years to halt illegal immigration and to keep foreign citizens from illegally putting down roots here.  All of them have passively or actively encouraged millions of foreign citizens not only to break our immigration laws but often to risk their and their kids' lives in doing so.

Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor, I urge you to acknowledge that those are the culprits who created the compelling victims that have captured your compassion this week.  If you don't acknowledge their complicity, the American people have no reason to believe that you won't push an action that will create more of the very thing you say you are trying to solve.

The kids may be innocent, but there are a lot of guilty people in their stories.

[Excerpted fromWhat's missing from Boehner's & Cantor's talk of amnesty for the 'kids',By Roy Beck, Thursday, July 18, 2013]

He's right, and that list of guilty people includes Cantor and Boehner themselves, and their corporate donors.

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