Steps to Dismantling Free Speech Are Examined
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It was disgusting to see the President of the United States say to the United Nations, The future must not belong to those who slander Islam. Besides overlooking our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech, the remark disregards that millions of Americans distrust the religion and its practitioners. Its funny how a history of murders and terror in the name of Islam have a way of creating suspicion.

Plus, slander to Muslims covers any and all criticisms, the sort of thing that is written daily in dozens of blogs like this one.

On Wednesday, Canadian free speech defender Ezra Levant interviewed George Igler, who warned of how easily rights we thought safe can be rapidly eroded when not vigorously enforced.

Igler listed three measurements that indicate politicians are blowing off free speech rights, when protecting them becomes too inconvenient:

1. A change in values where truth become less important than the emotional response of the recipient: Complaining that a statement is offensive is now accepted as a rebuttal.

2. Incitement is redefined from urging physical attack to committing the thought crime of spreading hatred.

3. The media goes from examining an event to questioning the motive of the person stating a controversial opinion.

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