Steinlight shines on Schumer
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On Sunday I considered the curious spectacle of Senator Charles Schumer of New York talking tough about illegal immigration, and even denouncing MSM efforts to euphemize it: Schumer makes Nice: Meaning What?.

I concluded that, especially considering Schumer’s mendacious performance at the Hate Crime Bill hearings late last week the man continues to be a deadly threat to the historic American Nation: and that this wheedling reflects the fact that the Treason Lobby apparently lacks the votes at present to ram through Amnesty.

Thanks DK for pointing out that our old friend Steven Steinlight has also contemplated the “new” Schumer, opting for a Western motif:
The New Sheriff in Town Center for Immigration Studies June 25 2009

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, is point man for President Obama on immigration, riding herd on the Big Push for "comprehensive immigration reform."… In an embarrassingly transparent effort to pander to his opponents – those of us that believe in the rule of law, giving preference to Americans in the job market as the nation hemorrhages 400,000 jobs a month, and such unfashionable things as national borders – Chuck is doing a Buffalo Bill rodeo show demonstrating his commitment to toughness in general and tough law enforcement in particular. He wants to be seen as the new sheriff in town, and as one tough hombre.

Steinlight isn’t buying:

But Sheriff Chuck: What about past illegal immigration (to the tune of 11-12 million, with some 7 million holding jobs unemployed Americans could use) or present illegal immigration? You and I both know the entire purpose of this Buffalo Bill show about future enforcement is gulling us into legalizing them.

So Steinlight has a good idea:

I don't know if Chuck's new diction …is the product of a mini-course on method acting (if you want to persuade those rednecks, act like one!) or whether he's infiltrating our ranks by cleverly aping our speech patterns. Am I the only one who thinks it might be a good idea to take this guy to the Lieutenant, in the tradition of World War II movies, and test him by asking if he knows who won the 1939 World Series?

Nice job, Steven Steinlight. (His July 1st blog Siren Songs and the New York Times is also amusing: reporting the fact that the Times was the only MSM outlet to report last week’s White House Immigration meeting as extremely encouraging for the Treason Lobby:

Its wildly optimistic assessment of what transpired at the June 25 White House meeting …is not so much contrarian as it is weirdly unique…are we dealing with a delusional mentality or a Machiavellian one?... publishing something so palpably self-deluding simultaneously suggests the sirens’ transformational work is well-advanced.)

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