Steele Perhaps...But No Substance?
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Since Michael Steele, the Professional Black just hired on as Republican National Committee Hand/Chairman has not disclosed any income tax issues (has he been asked?) he has not attracted much MSM attention this week., however, has not forgotten him.

The extent of the disaster of Steele's appointment (presuming Republicans actually want to win, of course) can be gauged by looking at the members of his "Transition Team". Of the ten members, only one, RNCman Henry Barbour of Mississippi, comes from a state the Republicans actually carried in the last several election cycles. The young and very silent (try Googling on him!) nephew of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Henry brings with him the sweet aroma of nepotism, entitlement...or worse. His primary discernable achievement appears to have been named a significant bundler for John McCain.

Ask Henry Barbour to say something.

Incidentally, the RNC has done a wonderful job of hiding the identity of its National Committee Figureheads since the wars of '06/7. Then they were compactly listed, as often as not with email addresses. Not now!

Could they be sending us a message?

Steele's Transition Team leader is someone called Reince Priebus, Wisconsin GOP Chairman, who was apparently in at the beginning. Wisconsin has not voted Republican since 1984 ...before Priebus could participate:

... Priebus said. "Our core fundamental principles remain strong and mirror those of the majority of Americans. We must improve our outreach efforts in order to grow as a Party.
There is the point of view that one decides what is good for the country and then tries to persuade others. Or perhaps politics is just a team sport?

The GOP's problem is that this is a team of losers.

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