State Senator Sam Zamarripa will not seek re-election in Georgia
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This news is good enough to be posted on two blogs...Sam Zamarripa will not seek re-election! From The Dustin Inman Society:

While the motivation remains unclear, the illegal alien/open borders lobby - and illegal aliens themselves - have lost a tirelesss and well conected advocate in the Georgia senate todaySam Zamarripa has today announced that he will not seek re-election.

We couldnt be happier.

Stay tuned: maybe he will resign his memebrship on the national board of MALDEF next!

Maybe the AJC will now inform its readers of Zamarripas vested financial interest in continued illegal immigration.

Then againmaybe Ill need to go out and buy a hair dryer tomorrow.

From the AJC today:

Zamarripa to bow out of politics
Outspoken state senator will pursue business opportunities
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/05/06

State Sen. Sam Zamarripa, an Atlanta Democrat who became the first Hispanic elected to Georgia Senate in 2002, announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election this year.

Zamarripa said that he has decided to bow out of politics for the time being to focus his energy on spurring economic development — particularly global business opportunities — in Atlanta.

My feeling was that the greatest opportunity for me was to pursue things I am very good at related to economic development, and to do that out of the Senate, Zamarripa said.

Zamarripa said that during his four years as a state senator, he was most pleased with his work on the Senate Economic Development Committee. There, he sponsored and passed legislation that encourages the Peoples Republic of China to invest in Georgia and build strong business relationships that will create jobs and encourage economic growth in the state. The lawmaker said he plans to continue his work in that area both within his private business and as a volunteer for the city and state

I make the observation that this announcment represents a welcomed step back from the path to Georgiafornia.

I would write more, but I am on my way out to do my happy dance.

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