State Legislators Attempt to Close Anchor Baby Loophole—Sarukhan is Watching
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If we want to get control of immigration, shutting down the anchor baby loophole is essential. Allowing the children of illegal aliens to obtain automatic citizenship is an insane policy that must be stopped.

The good thing is, more Americans are being educated on the issue.

State legislators are taking the lead on this. Already in 2011, legislative measures have been filed in two states (Indiana and Arizona) to take on automatic birthright citizenship for children born to illegal aliens.

Arizona lawmakers file bill targeting automatic citizenship for kids of illegal immigrants

Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press, January 27th, 2011

Of course, we can expect ferocious opposition to this much-needed reform. And don't suppose for a second that the Mexican government isn't keeping an eye on the issue. Earlier this month, Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican ambassador to the U.S. spoke out about it, and that was before these proposals had been filed in Indiana and Arizona. The ambassador was back in Mexico for a meeting of Mexican diplomats. Excelsior reported that

"Mexico will watch closely the different legislations of U.S. states that seek to deny U.S. nationality to children of undocumented migrants, Mexican ambassador Arturo Sarukhan affirmed today.

After the annual meeting of the Mexican ambassador corps, the diplomat told the press that the state legislative proposals would have to be examined on a case by case basis.... Mexico "will continue using all the diplomatic and legal resources it has access to" in order to ensure that whatever the legal status [of the parents] - the children of migrants automatically obtain U.S. nationality.[Vigilar?? M?©xico las leyes contra hijos de migrantes en EU Excelsior, January 6th, 2011]

Just think about the arrogance here. The Mexican government is meddling in U.S. nationality law, asserting its right to decide who is a U.S. citizen. More specifically, it is claiming this right for the children of Mexicans who are in our country illegally.

It's par for the course for the Mexican government.

Maybe the bigger scandal though, is that our own government doesn't even protest such meddling.

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