American Thinker's Thomas Lifson Explains the Destruction of Detroit Without Once Mentioning "Race," "Black Rule," or "Diversity"
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When I say that Thomas Lifson, the proprietor of the Web site, American Thinker, is a good Republican, I mean it in the worst possible way.

(Mind you, not everything Lifson publishes is a waste of an intelligent reader’s time. How’s that for a backhanded compliment?)

On Tuesday, Lifson posted a 142-word blog, The ruins of Detroit, in which he used the word “Democrats” (or “Dems”) four times and “unions” three times, in apportioning blame for the collapse of what was once America’s most beautiful and wealthiest city. He also used the word “war” once, but as half of the phrase, “political war,” as in, “a political war won by Democrats and unions, with the results starkly obvious to all not blinded by ideology.”

Detroit fell victim to a race war won by blacks, with the results starkly obvious to all not blinded by ideology.

I could explain the destruction of the former Motor City with a 160,000-word book or a four-word sentence: Black rule destroyed Detroit.

Out of 42 posted comments, only two people managed to sneak in honest responses.

That doesn’t mean that 95.2 percent of Lifson’s readers, or even 95.2 percent of commenters agreed with him, since he censors like the New York Times, in order to fabricate a counterfeit consensus.

Posted by: DrZero

Jan 25, 10:53 AM


This article is dishonest. It is painful to discuss the truth, even here at American Thinker. It is not Democrats and unions that killed Detroit. Yes, Detroit has had many Democratic mayors, but not all were scoundrels and thieves. Mayor Jerry Cavanaugh was doing good things in Detroit right up until 1967, when the riots happened.

You cannot begin to understand the devistation of Detroit without understanding the Detroit riots. They were orders of magnitude more serious than any other riots in the 1960s. The offical tally was about 50 dead, but due to the huge amount of arson and a less-than-serious effort to find all the bodies we'll never know the real number. Most estimates put it at least 3 times larger. Vast areas of the city were burnt. The National Guard and State Police utterly failed to restore order. Governor Romney (father of Mitt Romney) called LBJ and got the US Army to come in and restore order. Elements of both the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions were sent to Detroit. They used military methods to end the riots. Anyone seen on a rooftop was shot. The Kern Commission Report tells the story of a man shot lighting a cigarette in his window by the Army. Tanks and APCs were brought in and lined-up on Eight Mile Road, with the guns pointing in to the city. The riot was universally understood as a race riot, that is it was blacks rioting and targeting whites. The spray painted "Soul Brother" on the store front worked in many cases. It was the white owned businesses that were destroyed.




The psychological effect on the white residents of Detroit was profound and immediate. They understood: Detroit is hostile territory. The white flight began in ernest. Both my grandparents, who owned lovely houses on leafy streets (one adjacent to a golf course) moved. Everyone's parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles moved. The ... (350 word limit)
A response soon followed that was typical, where race and Republicans are concerned.
Posted by: Robin

Jan 25, 11:30 AM


Dr. Zero, I have no idea if what you report is accurate, but I can tell you that cities in worse shape than that have come back. It's been 50 [sic] years since those events. Cities leveled in WW1 and WW2 are back to vibrant life. And we can't do the same?

Was that Robin of Berkeley? In any event, it was another Republican Kool-Aid drinker. White Michiganders and citizens across the country have already been plundered for billions of dollars to help Detroit “come back” to “vibrant life.”

One other honest man got through.

Posted by: Jacobite

Jan 25, 01:06 PM


DrZero is 100% correct. After all, NYC is one of the worst-governed cities on earth, but it still more-or-less works. The critical element is the population. Coleman Young did everything but put up billboards telling Detroit whites to get out. He worked hard to destroy Hamtramnk(?), from withholding police and fire response, to building an auto factory in the middle of it. I lived and worked in Warren (11 Mile Road) in the late 70s, and even then there were people who claimed they hadn't been south of Eight Mile Road in twenty years. Get past America — there are websites (the death of johannisberg) dedicated to documenting the destruction of South Africa under black rule. You can toss in Rhodesia and Kenya as well. Americans who have been taught, and believed, that all peoples are the same deserve what they get from refusing to look around them and see the obvious reality.

It wouldn’t shock me to learn that Thomas Lifson has a higher IQ than I do, but politics isn’t rocket science.

As the United Negro College Fund says, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Update: A longtime reader sent me the following link, arguing that Thomas Lifson stole the title “The Ruins of Detroit” from the eponymous white nationalist Web page of photographs.

I’m not sure what to think. Lifson is so willfully ignorant on matters of race that I cannot completely exclude the possibility that he did not steal the title. But I also cannot believe that Lifson’s title is a complete coincidence. One of his readers may have purloined it from the white site, and suggested it to Lifson.

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