State Department Nullifies Trump’s Guest Worker Restrictions—It’s Time For Trump To Downsize The State Department
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President Trump’s revamped immigration moratorium aimed to bar entry to most guest workers, but the State Department’s recently revealed exemptions undermine that mission.

It was reported this week the State Department altered Trump’s executive order to allow the agency more leeway to allow in H-1B workers and other foreigners deemed “necessary.” The Department makes a whole host of exemptions, according to its June 12 bulletin on the moratorium [State Dept. ‘Guts’ Donald Trump’s Curbs on Fortune 500’s Visa Workers, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, August 13, 2020].

The exemptions include:

Travel by technical specialists, senior level managers, and other workers whose travel is necessary to facilitate the immediate and continued economic recovery of the United States. … The petitioning employer has a continued need for the services or labor to be performed by the H-1B nonimmigrant in the United States

individuals, identified by the Department of Defense or another U.S. government agency, performing research, providing IT support/services, or engaging other similar projects essential to a U.S. government agency.

The applicant’s proposed job duties or position within the petitioning company indicate the individual will provide significant and unique contributions to an employer meeting a critical infrastructure need.  Critical infrastructure sectors are chemical, communications, dams, defense industrial base, emergency services, energy, financial services, food and agriculture, government facilities, healthcare and public health, information technology, nuclear reactors, transportation, and water systems.

The State Department justified these exemptions by claiming Trump’s order allows the agency to make exceptions in the case of the “national interest.” Apparently, it’s in the national interest to allow Indians to take jobs from American workers during record levels of unemployment.

Immigration patriot lawyer John Miano told Breitbart this move “eviscerated” Trump’s executive order: “There is no doubt about it — whoever created this is thumbing their noses at President Trump.”

The State Department is full of treacherous liberals who love to undermine Trump’s America First agenda. Nearly 1000 State employees signed a protest letter against his 2017 travel ban aimed at predominately Muslim countries [Nearly 1,000 State Department staffers condemn Trump's travel ban, by Oren Dorell, USA TODAY, January 31, 2017]. State Department staff were heavily involved in Trump’s impeachment ordeal and diplomats proudly flouted the president’s authority [The revenge of the State Department, by Nahal Toosi, Politico, October 20, 2019].

If Trump wants to get his agenda enacted, he needs people who actually agree with him working for him. It’s time to clear out Foggy Bottom’s den of vipers.


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