SPLC: "Minuteman Project Endorses Urban Racial Profiling By U.S. Border Patrol"—Supreme Court: So Do We
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The scare headline in the SPLC's Nativist News section says:

[CA] Minuteman Project Endorses Urban Racial Profiling By U.S. Border Patrol

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The Press-Enterprise/

Minuteman Project spokesman Raymond Herrera voiced the organization’s support for U.S. Border Patrol agents engaged in racial profiling in cities well north from the border.

March 2, 2009

The underlying headline they link to in these items is always something less inflammatory: Inland Latinos say Border Patrol engages in racial profiling, By David Olson, The Press-Enterprise, March 2, 2009. Of course, the idea that in a country with twenty million illegals, 85 percent of them Mexican, and in a state that borders Mexico, the agency charged with looking for illegal Mexicans should ignore people who look like Mexicans is so ridiculous that even the Supreme Court didn't believe it. This is from an old Juan Mann column:

On the way to destroying the shibboleth of ”racial profiling” in Treason, Coulter also mentions the 1975 U.S. Supreme Court case of U.S. v. Brignoni-Ponce, dealing with roving Border Patrol stops near the Mexican border. She quotes the Supreme Court’s analysis that ”[t]he government has estimated that 85 percent of the aliens illegally in the country are from Mexico.”

As for the point that Riverside, CA is "well north from the border." Google Maps says that it's two hours north of Tijuana.

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