SPLC Linked To ...Us?
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Last year the Southern Poverty Law Center decided to write a little report on my "network" of racist connections. They didn't mention a single thing I wrote or say, but they tried to link me to various "racists." The best they could come up with is that I worked for "white nationalist" Pat Buchanan, that I was Facebook friends with then Washington Times editor Stacy McCain, and that I wrote for VDARE.com.

There is now a new extremist hate group that the Southern Poverty Law Center can "link" me to...The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The other day, I went to my mailbox and what should I find, but "A Certificate of Appreciation" from the Southern Poverty Law Center for my "important contribution in the ongoing fight against hatred and intolerance in America." I also will have my name added to the "Wall of Tolerance." Just to make sure it's official, it is signed by Morris Dees. This is already framed and hanging in my office.

So the next time the SPLC attacks me, or any of the various people and institutions that I'm "linked" to, remember that they are just one degree of separation away.

SPLC Certificate

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