Specter Loses, Rand Paul Wins—What About Immigration?
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Senator Arlen Specter, whose serpentine political career seems finally squashed by Pennsylvanians tonight, could not have been more useless on immigration. Rand Paul, who trounced the GOP Establishment to win the party's Senate nominee in Kentucky , is harder to read. (Can our Kentucky readers help us here?) Libertarianism in general, and his father's sovereignty version in particular, is highly compatible with patriotic immigration reform. But the left-libertarians who apparently now influence Ron Paul have caused him to miss this opportunity both theoretically and practically.

Retiring GOP Senator Jim Bunning, whom Rand Paul is vying to replace, was was rated a career A by Numbers USA. So, on the downside, this is not a Specter situation—but, on the upside, Rand Paul's opportunity is enormous.

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