Speaking Of Riots...
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If you go to Chetly Zarko's page, you can see video of an group called BAMN, (an acronym for By Any Means Necessary, which presumably includes violence) engaging in what the Detroit News called a "raucous, table-tumbling protest."

Students chanted "no voter fraud" and "they say Jim Crow, we say hell no," danced on chair seats and made obscene gestures at the board. At one point, many of the protesters rushed toward the board members, overturning a testimony table. Lansing police officers were called to restore order.

The argument was about the Michigan Civil Right Initiative, a chance to let Michigan voters decide if they wanted racial quotas favoring African-Americans and immigrants, or not.

While the BAMN supporters were disrupting the meeting, shouting, and generally making nuisances of themselves, this is only to be expected, that's their "means" that they think is necessary.

More serious lawlessness was observed in the actual Board of Elections itself, which defied two Court of Appeals judgements ordering it to put the MCRI on the ballot.

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