Mexican Terrorist Camps Noted
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There were many memorable statements made during the House immigration enforcement debate Dec. 15-16, but the speech of Rep John Culberson (R-TX) spotlighted a topic that many in Washington prefer to ignore.

Rep. Culberson has been a strong voice warning that the open Mexican border is a welcome mat for al Qaeda terrorists. He has also been paying attention to the worsening encroachment of Mexican drug cartels as part of the border meltdown, particularly in Nuevo Laredo where brutal gangs are battling for control of the American market.

Here is part of a speech he made on Friday:

These narcoterrorists are so bold, Mr. Chairman, and the lawlessness is so pervasive on the border that the narcoterrorists have set up, according to the FBI, at least one narcoterrorist training camp outside of Matamoros operating in the open, run by the Zetas to train gun runners, human smugglers, smugglers who pay cash, who keep their mouths shut. They can go to this training camp outside of Matamoros and they will be carried into the United States. There may be three others operating just across the river from the United States in the open.

After 9/11, the President was shocked that terrorist training camps were operating in Afghanistan, so he sent in the U.S. military to take out the Taliban.

But when Mexican narcoterrorists are openly running a chain of terror-training establishments just next door, the White House can't be bothered with even noticing. El Presidente Fox complains often about belated American attempts to regain sovereignty, but he should thank his lucky stars that President Bush loves Mexico without reservation.

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