Spanish Speakers On CC Sabathia: "This Is So Totally Racial! This Man Is Paid $$$ To Run Around Bases!"
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Lydia Brimelow writes on Gab:

Sitting in a beach bar, and the Spanish speakers next to us are extremely irritated by this ESPN show: "This is so totally racial! This man is paid multiple millions to run around bases!"

I'm naive and thought White was someone's last name.

By the way, Get On Gab!

CC Sabathia complaint:

CC Sabathia on the pressure Black athletes face to play baseball ‘the white way’

‘Right now, this sport is not for us, and we know that’
By CC Sabathia with Chris Smith
July 6, 2021

CC Sabathia Earnings: $246 million, according to Forbes.

Example of CC Sabathia not playing "The White Way," according to him: Intentionally hitting Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jesús Sucre with a pitch, and being suspended for five games [CC Sabathia hit with a 5-game ban and undisclosed fine for throwing at Rays catcher Jesus Sucre, by Andy Clayton, NY Daily News, September 29, 2018].



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