Space Force Sets Its Priority: Gender Neutrality
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Trump’s idea of a Space Force sounds pretty awesome, but the new Space Force bureaucracy is now hard at work making the actual Space Force as lame as possible. From Politico:

Space Force leaders’ quest: A gender-neutral force

The role of women in society has undergone a revolution between the establishment of the Air Force and the creation of the Space Force.


03/05/2020 07:11 PM EST

The Space Force has made its first two hires and both are women, a move that officials say shows the new branch is making sure it is gender-neutral from its very beginnings. …

The group will be led by Patricia Mulcahy, the deputy chief of space operations for personnel and logistics services and the first civilian hired to the Space Force. The second person hired was also a woman, who is working in the planning, programming and resources office, Crosier said. …

Other services are also beginning to offer more services that benefit women. The Marine Corps is considering expanding its maternity leave to offer new mothers a full year away from the military, which far surpasses the time typically offered in the private sector.

Another public way the service is aiming to be more inclusive to women is deciding what to call its members, a decision that could be made in the next several weeks. Crosier would not say what the name will be, but did say it won’t be a gendered term, like “airman.”

Coming up with a gender-neutral name for Space Force personnel is “really essential,” said Rebecca Keiser, the chair of Women in Aerospace, who has fought to do away with the term “manned spaceflight” during her time at NASA as a special adviser for innovation and public-private partnerships.

For example, NASA was founded on July 29, 1958 and landed a man on the moon on July 20, 1969. So, clearly, it failed at what should have been its priority: landing a gender-neutral humanoid on the moon.

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