Bo Winegard Fired For Liking Sailer Tweet
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From posttenuretourettes (I presume that reads “Post-Tenure Tourettes”):

PTT Uncategorized March 8, 2020 1 Minute

Scarier than Corona

is the firing of Bo Winegard from Marietta College. ​The article doesn’t say it, but in the podcast interview he mentions that one of the triggers to his being fired was him liking a tweet by Steve Sailer. …

One can be optimistic about a vaccine or antiviral agents making it all go away. But not so if the dudes from the dude wall have all been #cancelled, and there’s no-one left to give the nice things, like bridges and medicine.

Winegard, unfortunately, was not post-tenure.

Bo and Ben Winegard (a professor at Hillsdale College), by the way, are identical twins, which perhaps give them an advantage at being more realistic on Nature/Nurture questions.

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