Sotomayor's Childhood And Her Philosophy
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Mickey Kaus:

Alert reader J: "Interesting that the WaPo could write an entire article on the decline of public housing in NYC without ever mentioning the words "ACLU," "liberalism," and "Lindsay." [Link added] ... True! The piece—on Sotomayor's childhood—makes it seem as if the projects were just suddenly swamped by waves of drugs ("Then heroin surged through the projects ... Then came crack ...") as opposed to, say, an increasingly concentrated culture of fatherless dependence in which drug users and dealers and gang members couldn't be evicted because of misguided due process concerns about deprivation of "new property"! .

That is, the bad things that happened to the projects that Sotomayor used to live in were more or less the result of what is still Sotomayor's judicial philosophy. But why should she worry? She's going to work in Washington...and live in Georgetown.

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