(Some) Republican Lawmakers Get It About Legal Immigration
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Via Mark Krikorian on Twitter:

It's a Neil Munro story about Republican legislators signing a letter about the effects of immigration on the American worker. That's the good news—the bad news is that only

16 House conservatives signed the letter, including Rep. Tom Cotton, who is running for a Senate seat in Arkansas.

Mo Brooks thinks it's fear of of donors:

“I can’t say for a certainty why some Representatives have not cosigned a letter to protect American workers, but I do note that it is an election year and there is some fear associated with very wealthy people who are contributors [and] who make profits by hiring illegal aliens and foreign workers over American citizens,” Brooks said.

However, the GOP isn't only afraid of donors, they also have a healthy respect for their actual voters. Another Munro story has Bob Goodlatte reversing a previous flip-flop back in the direction of patriotism:

Goodlatte reverses statement on amnesty, again


House judiciary chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte has reposted a statement opposing an immigration amnesty that had been previously removed from his website.

Instapundit said of the previous flip-flop:

January 11, 2014

THEY’LL TRY TO SNEAK IT THROUGH AFTER PRIMARY SEASON IS OVER: Website of Top House Republican Drops Opposition to Amnesty. It’s very unpopular with the base, but it’s very popular with the donors.

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