Soledad O'Brien Gets Her Just Due—at VDARE.COM!
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Her pretty face has graced the cover of Newsweek, which honored her as one of the 15 People Who Make America Great”. And now, my colleague Joe Guzzardi has bestowed one of the most prestigious awards in the journalism business on CNN’s Soledad O’Brien: VDARE.COM's Seventh Annual Worst Immigration Reporting Award.

It's first time that Joe has ever given the notorious award to a TV “journalist,” but I suspect that it won’t be the last.

The VDAWIR Award is not the first journalism award that O’Brien has won, but it may be the first one that she ever earned.

O’Brien was an inspired choice, and Guzzardi gave her a perfect reaming.

Read the whole thing.

This woman is emblematic of everything that is wrong with journalism and, indeed, America today. This moronic, demanding, racist newsroom enforcer and unelected political officer is the quintessential affirmative action baby. She has, to my knowledge, never broken a legitimate story, and is the female version of what “Joseph Kay” calls the black empty suit, a person of no talent or accomplishment, on whom through affirmative action high-profile jobs, prestigious- sounding awards, and staggering fortunes are lavished, based on her identity and politics.

However, O’Brien is not empty: Like her fellow anti-white AA hires, she can be relied on to fraudulently spin every story she covers.

During New Orleans' post-Katrina anarchy, O’Brien showed her empathy for black criminals, and while covering the 2007 march of illegal human beings, where she spoke of “countries” such as “Honduras and Puerto Rico,” and of illegal immigrants (I don’t recall her euphemism of choice) from Puerto Rico, she displayed her intelligence.

Even O’Brien’s supposed constituents ignore her. Her CNN show had such low ratings that the channel gave her time slot to Kiran Chetry and, as Guzzardi pointed out, no one watched her Latin in America shtick.

And as far as being “African-American,” she’s light, bright, and damned near white. I can’t believe that she would have the cheek to even lie about her hairâ—which is lovely, thick, and straightâ—calling it “kinky.”

As Joe suggested, she may only be "posing" as blackâ—not to mention, as Hispanic, Irish, and a journalistâ—but O’Brien is a black supremacist. I just found a Republican report of her “gushing” over a racist speechâ—if you’ll pardon the redundancyâ—by Jeremiah Wright, and even rationalizing his “Goddamn Ameri-KKK-a” speech. (To critics who may argue that O’Brien’s positions are borne of opportunism, not conviction, I say: What is the moral conviction behind black supremacy? Moral convictions aside, I leave it to the reader to decide whether black supremacy out of passion or calculation is worse.)

Although we in the Stix household only occasionally catch Jeopardy these days, we did see the celebrity edition that Guzzardi cited. White actor Michael McKean, whose face is as ubiquitous as his name is hard to place, blew away Alcindor/Jabbar and O’Brien. The old hoops star barely beat out O’Brien, but that was because in the middle or late in the game, he gambled everything on a Daily Double that he answered wrong. However, he proved himself staggeringly more intelligent and better-informed than O’Brien, who took no chances, and only distinguished herself on the topic of People magazine, which is apparently her favorite publication. (Unlike O’Brien, Alcindor/Jabbar, who really is black, had a legitimate academic career as a history major at UCLA.)

Speaking of O’Brien’s erudition, I saw her last February on Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull, a talk show hosted by comely, white, alleged journalist, Campbell Brown. O’Brien and fellow CNN black supremacist Roland Martin were helping out their fellow black supremacist, the extortionist and inciter of mass murder, Al Sharpton, who had attacked the New York Post on the imaginary grounds that it had published a “racist” political cartoon by Sean Delonas.

O’Brien, for whom last week constitutes ancient history, shouted, “We know our history!,” Martin repeated her line, and Brown kowtowed to each three times.

As Joe notes, by way of hyperlink, O’Brien is not only a fraud as a journalist, but even her reputation as a nice person is a sham.

She’s actually a dog-hater.

There you have it: Mar?­a de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien is the face of contemporary, post-American “journalism.”


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