Sociopath Mitt Romney Declares For Senate Seat, Calls For More Immigration
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Mitt Romney is officially running for the Senate from Utah. Needless to say, Romney's main foe does not seem to the Democrats, but President Donald Trump, whom he evidently has not forgiven for winning the presidential election even after Romney hysterically denounced him.

Even at a time when the American Left has become utterly unhinged and forthrightly anti-white, Mitt Romney thinks the real problem is the anti-immigration attitude of the Republican base, which desperately needs to be replaced. Also, at a time when socialism is becoming more popular in the United States than it has been in generations, Romney believes the right message for the GOP is to cut back on social programs.

Romney, in his campaign launch video, seemed to take a subtle jab at Trump’s hardline immigration policies and a White House budget that experts have said will balloon the federal deficit. “Utah has a lot to teach the politicians in Washington,” he said. “Utah has balanced its budgets. Washington is buried in debt… Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion.”

[Mitt Romney announces he's running for U.S. Senate in Utahby Louis Nelson, Politico, February 16, 2018]

Of course, one of the main reasons Utah was able to balance its budget is because it is Utah and has a very unique demographic situation. Romney praises the unique political culture of his state, saying:
“Utahns are known for hard work, innovation, and our can-do pioneering spirit. Utah’s economic and political success is a model for our nation.”
But Utah's economic and political success is the product of its monocultural and monoracial population. Needless to say, importing hordes of Third Worlders will undermine that culture of success. It will also make Romney unelectable in the long run. But in the short run, it will also provide cheap labor for Romney's donors, which is all he cares about.

Of course, one could ask why Mitt Romney is running in Utah, given that he used to be governor of Massachusetts? He most likely could not win any position in that state now, given how radical the Left has become. So now he is moving to a conservative state with an overwhelmingly white population in order to promote policies which will facilitate the replacement of its population.

As perhaps the most prominent Mormon in public life, he is exploiting the demographic power of his coreligionists in his new state. In other words, even as Romney decries identity politics, the only reason he is able to make this return to politics is because he is practicing identity politics.

But when Romney's preferred immigration policies turns Utah into Arizona, Colorado, or New Mexico, or worse yet, California, where will Romney go to then? It won't matter. He got his. And getting what you can while you run out the clock on the nation is what the Beltway Right is all about.

America needs statesmen, who understand the supreme function of statesmanship is, as Enoch Powell said, to "provide against preventable evils." Instead, perhaps the most conservative state in the Union will be likely be represented by a sociopath, who believes the function of government is to profit off them.

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