Social Security Cards Sold Openly At San Jose Flea Market—FBI Doesn't Want To Know
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Sometimes reader mail can be used to make a point or illustrate a problem. Today's mail brings a short letter from David in San Jose, California - U.S.A. There is nothing I need to add or say here that David hasn't. Please don't give up, David.


I have written enough letters, all to no avail. A couple of months ago, I contacted the local San Jose FBI office to let them know that Social Security cards were being sold openly at a local daily flea market. Most of the visitors to this huge flea market are Hispanic and the booth that sold Social Security cards also sold other forms of ID. They also were openly advertised. Obviously this is illegal - and a source of documentation for illegal immigrants. I sent the FBI digital photos of the booth with its large signs advertising the illegal IDs. Nothing has been done even though the FBI has been notified and the grounds are patrolled daily many local San Jose police. This is a travesty. I am fed up with the government's refusal to protect our borders and enforce our laws. I did not serve in Viet Nam to see my country overrun by this invasion. David, California.

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