Snippets From the Salt Mines by Anonymous Attorney
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An Anonymous Attorney writes

As Congress ponders the disastrous amnesty bill, we helpless toilers in the salt mines of Office America watch as evidence of the destructiveness of uncontrolled immigration presents itself.
    • An attorney for a worker who speaks only Spanish demands a Spanish-speaking doctor or interpreter. Guess who'd pay for that interpreter's services? Not the English-language refuseniks, but you and me, through bigger insurance bills, pricier consumer goods, and higher taxes.
    • An attorney who wonders about the value of car accident case involving a Mexican defendant with an over-the-limit blood alcohol level who's skipped back to Mexico before the start of his DUI trial.
    • An African immigrant who skipped out on his credit card debt and left his employer with the administrative costs of a garnishment proceeding.

Do these anecdotes make their way through to our elected officials with the same frequency as the constant happy-talk about the warm joys of immigration from the MSM? Or are politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham so keen to look politically correct that they turn a deaf ear?

We'd ponder it some more, but the salt mines are calling


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