Slate: "The Problem with That Catcalling Video: They Edited Out the White Guys"
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A petition posted on about Hannah Rosin’s Slate article:

Petitioning Hollaback! Release the suppressed footage of white men harassing Shoshana Roberts so that Hanna Rosin can re-edit the video.

Petition by Andros Pseudonymos

Hollaback! and Rob Bliss Creative recently released a video of an actress being repeatedly harassed by catcallers as she went about her business in New York City. Unfortunately, as Hanna Rosin has pointed out in her Slate piece entitled “The Problem with that Catcalling Video: The White Guys Were Edited Out,” the video was made in a way that reflects the omnipresent implicit racism of our day. In this instance, it didn’t depict a representative number of white men harassing the actress. We find the creators’ excuses insufficient.

We request–nay, insist–that the makers of the video release the suppressed footage, so that Ms. Rosin can either re-edit the video herself, or appoint a commission to perform the editing according to her standards. The video should reflect the reality that we and Ms. Rosin demand to see.

To: Hollaback! Rob Bliss Creative Please release the suppressed video footage of white men harassing Shoshana Roberts, so that Hanna Rosen can re-edit the video in a more appropriate manner. Sincerely, [Your name]

See Straight White Men Behaving Well Are Racist and Proof: White Men Do Harass Women on Street! below.

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