SLATE's Osita Nwanevu Surprises's Brimelow With Fairly Fair Reference!
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I was kind of snarky about Nigerian-American Osita Nwanevu's Telephone-Gaming of Alien Nation the other day, so I should note that his Why the Alt-Right Hates Trump’s Syria Strike [Slate, April 7 2017) has a fairly fair, and positively scholarly, reference to my rebuttal of David Frum back in 2003(!). Nwaanevu writes:
The split between the mainstream conservative movement and the paleoconseratives—that is, those fixated on maintaining traditional cultural and religious identity who would become the alt-right’s intellectual progenitors in the United States—came into being over not only racism but also opposition to American intervention in the Middle East, including the Iraq war….

This sentiment and the larger divide within the movement was the subject of an essay called “Unpatriotic Conservatives,” published by the conservative writer David Frum in National Review less than 24 hours before the invasion of Iraq began. In opposing the Iraq war and interventionism, he wrote, paleoconservatives had “made common cause with the left-wing and Islamist antiwar movements in this country and in Europe” and included among their ranks some who yearned “for the victory of their nation’s enemies.” Peter Brimelow, founder of VDare, responded with a post arguing that defeating terrorism would be a matter of keeping unassimilable would-be terrorists out of the country. “Instead, America's establishment is committed to seeking a foreign policy answer to terrorism, of vast ambition and indefinite scope, on the other side of the globe,” he wrote. “Whatever the merits of this answer, it cannot be denied that a fraction of the resources devoted to it would have sealed the borders and ended the illegal immigration crisis.”

Of course I think this more than ever, but it's jolly decent of Nwanevu to notice.
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